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Music Production

Home Music Production

If you need music for the songs that you've written, we can accommodate you.  Whether you'd like tracks or have need of a full band to accompany you in the studio, that's what we do.  Our team consists of well-seasoned, professional musicians and singers who can read music and play and create music in any genre.  We also have lyricists available if you need them.

We have worked with a variety of artists including singers and rappers.

Also, if you'd like to perform your music live, we can provide the sound system as you play or sing with your own tracks.  If you'd prefer to perform with a live band, our band could be available for your performance.

Finally, we have talent showcases for artists that you could perform at and invite all of your family and friends.


Samples of our work:


All You Need to Know by Tomaca
Music, Melody and Lyrics by GSounds Music.  Lyrics and Vocal Arrangements by Tomaca




Blessings Divine MC


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