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Creative Rhythms Workshop:

- increases confidence

- enhances good vibes

- improves hand-eye coordination

- is fun!


Combining 30 years of professional musicianship with the natural ability to inspire and educate people with music, Philip Govan, through GSounds Music offers a Creative Rhythms Workshop that is not only engaging, but can have a significant impact on the development of young children's minds and significantly raise the spirits of the elderly.  In addition, the working of elderly people's brains are enhanced as new neural paths can be created.

Besides making you feel good, music creates a commonality between people. Our workshops are ideal for all ages including teens.

Our Creative Rhythms Workshop is designed for all ages.  We provide the instruments, the instruction, and the opportunity for everyone regardless of age and ability to engage in a fun and spontaneous way.  Sessions can be adapted to accommodate any size or space.

The goal of our program is to improve, enhance and maintain confidence through exercising the mind, body and spirit in the creation of rhythms.

Using hand drums and other percussion instruments, we will go through some techniques that will require participants to use their faculties to remember different rhythm patterns - including polyrhythms (2 or more rhythms played at the same time).

Physically, motor skills will improve, including hand - eye coordination. The exercises will also build endurance, focus and patience through repetition and proper breathing (which is also taught).  Spiritually and emotionally, students' achievements with these workshops will make them feel better about themselves.  Feeling better increases confidence that will carry over in helping them accomplish other things as they face new challenges.


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